Sea of Bones  132 x 58 cm   w ood
Sea of Bones 132 x 58 cm w ood

Sea of Bones     Mare di Ossa


Walking through the woods above my house, I find the path littered with small pieces of dry, bleached wood, stripped bare and polished by wind and water. They make me think of long-dead trees and ancient woods, and of hosts of people from the past, both those who sleep peacefully and those who accuse. I feel as though I were walking on their bones, or as if I were following the tracks or signs they have left. The spent bullet cases of the hunters also suggest violence and abuse.


The white path is like a river carrying us all onwards, and like an ocean that buries and conceals: I think of the Atlantic that covers the bodies of the Africans that died on the ships taking them as slaves to the Americas; I think of the Mediterranean that often submerges those who try to reach Europe by boat today. In this sea the bones of different individuals, or different peoples, are mixed up together, they are no longer distinct identities or bodies but one.


Piccoli pezzi di legno secchi e sbiancati sul sentiero  nei boschi dietro casa dove passeggio mi sembrano frammenti di ossa puliti e levigati dal tempo o dalle acque. Mi ricordano non solo alberi ormai morti e boschi antichi ma anche le moltitudini di persone del passato, sia quelli che dormono tranquilli, sia quelli che accusano. Mi sembra di camminare sulle loro ossa o di seguire i segni o i segnali che hanno lasciato. Le cartuccie spente dei cacciatori sono ricordi anche di violenza e sopruso.


'Thin Air'  First prize in Murales Competition, Empoli

Mural  2011  2 m x 3m
Mural 2011 2 m x 3m


AllMy Life Is in My Hands 39 x 40 x 26 cm   2011
AllMy Life Is in My Hands 39 x 40 x 26 cm 2011

The Pages  Le Pagine

 The Pages are the record of a particular day or place, like the enties in  a diary.

Le Pagine sono il ricordo di un giorno o un luogo particolare come i fogli di un diario.